Talk of The Town | 2017 Honda CR-V Countdown Teasers #SeeTheExtraordinary

Few hours from now, we will be seeing the latest generation of the Honda CR-V. Honda teases us with few silhouettes posted on their website and official social media accounts. And get this, This will be the first time Honda will introduce a diesel engine in any CR-V  or any Honda model sold here in the Philippines. Let’s take a look on what Honda’s proposition for the CR-V fanatic Filipinos.

Basing it on the pictures and reviews that are circulating around the web, the Honda CR-V is now on its new & improved platform. Honda says that it has been reworked from the ground up. Honda boast its new designs cues with a teaser I got from their Instagram account.

Here are some of the teasers I saw on their IG account @hondacarsph

Clearly, the new CR-V is striking to look at. I can wait to see it in actual.

Also their was a GIF image posted. The new CR-V offers 7 seats and a striking fact is that it now has a diesel engine. Most likely, it will be the 1.6L i-DTEC to which is the same with the Thailand market (as most Honda cars sold here came from Thailand). And lastly, the Shift column or shift stick has now been replaced by a “SHIFT BUTTONS or SHIFT SELECTORS.” I don’t know if those are the right terms but for sure they are look like buttons to me. Probably it entails on how Honda manages the cabin space. After all, gear shifters can still occupy a pretty some of space inside the cabin. So much so, it’s going to awkward for some but this feature are still available only for Premium brands. Yet Honda manages to squeeze that in for the middle class masses to enjoy.


Other specs & features will be presented by Honda. For sure, there will be a lot f similarities from the Thailand version. Pricing also will be announced by the company later today.

It definitely competes to vast automotive segments with its new diesel variant. The market will have another option for those people who wanted the comfort and style of a SUV without its gas-gulping drawbacks. Better mark your appointments with Honda and test drive. I will sure have my hands on this baby anytime soon.


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